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Offering Forensic & Securitization Audits

Delay your Sale Date!

This program offers this as an additional option. Typically delaying the sale for 6 months. If we are unable to postpone the immediate sale date, for any reason, the client will automatically be enrolled in eviction delay and sale reversal.  If we are unable to either stop the sale or reverse the sale, then a refund will be issued. There are two forms below to get your delay started. The price is $3650.00. Payment arrangements are avail.

Sale Delay Processing form 

Sale Delay questionaire

Please Print, fill out, and return to email: eichomes@yahoo.com or fax: 440-945-6694

Reverse Your Sale!

What are the steps in the Sale Reversal process:

  1. The foreclosing lender is contacted about the issues found with the foreclosure sale process 
  2. We use offensive tactics against your lender and trustee informing them of our intent 
  3. An investigation is initiated 
  4. Reversal / Settlement Negotiation Process Begins  Typically 2-4 months Price is $4,000

To get started, Please print, fill out and return to email: eichomes@yahoo.com OR fax: 440-945-6694

Sale Reversal Processing form

Sale Reversal Questionaire



Call to order 1-866-524-3555 or email: contact@eichomes.com

Order a Detailed Forensic Audit (RESPA and TILA)$495

RESPAReal Estate Settlement Procedures Act | TILA- Truth-in-Lending Act

View Sample Forensic Report

This audit is performed on the documents and loan package you signed when closing on your home to determine if there are any RESPA and TILA violations throughout your loan.  Note: This Forensic Audit does not include Bloomberg Financial Data, refer to the securitization audit. By ordering this audit, you are also agreeing that you have read and understand our disclaimer below. Audits will be completed in approx 7-10 business days. Referral to attorney network also avail for those who qualify.


Order a Securitization Audit with Financial Data $1350

Bloomberg View Sample Securitization Report

Note: OBTAIN THE EVIDENCE YOU NEED TO FILE QUIET TITLE ACTION AND FIGHT BANK FRAUD! ALSO A GREAT TOOL FOR LOAN MODIFICATIONS! This complete Securitization Audit is prepared and signed by a professional auditor. The audit INCLUDES Financial Data, an affidavit, VOD (Verification Of Debt), and a potential expert witness for testimony or court room litigation. By ordering this audit, you are also agreeing that you have read and understand our disclaimer below. Both forensic and securitization audits will be completed in approx 7-10 business days.

ALL Payment methods include: Check by phone, cashier’s check/certified check, western union/money gram, bank wire transfer, direct bank deposit. (No debit/credit cards)                                    To make a payment call 1.866.524.3555


EICHomes.com is part of 4 Investors, LLC. 4 Investors does not provide any legal advice of any nature. We provide services for legal firms and in that capacity, we provide research for violations of existing financial requirements that could be considered subject to litigation. 4 Investors maintains a continuous relationship with legal firms on a national scale and provides its findings to be used by the law firms as needed. 4 Investors has no financial affiliation with any law firm, does not participate in any kickbacks, commissions or any financial remuneration from any attorney, law-firm or and legal organization of any kind. 4 Investors promotes workshops for Attorneys, Investors, Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Real Estate Brokers and the general public. These workshops are designed to educate all attendees in the workings of the Quiet Title theory of law and are educational and not legal advice. Services are provided to and utilized by the legal arena for the sole purpose of representing expertise and knowledge of the area of finance, securitization, banking, fractionalized banking, credit default swaps, pooling and servicing agreements. All areas of finance in which the activities of which are potentially defective, fraudulent or with serious irregularities impacting the consumer are identified and made known to the client for use of his/her attorneys. Service provider hereby discloses to clients/home owner that service provider does not know and cannot determine prior to conducting an intense securitization audit: a. Whether or not client’s loan has been securitized; and b. Whether or not client’s loan information is available from any of the public financial databases, such as Bloomberg, ABS, etc. Client/home owner has been fully apprised that it is possible that despite service provider’s best efforts, service provider may not be able to locate client’s loan. In that instance, service provider would provide client with a No Match Affidavit at a cost, and the service provider’s fees will be deemed fully earned upon completion of the diligent investigative search of auditor. There is no guarantee or refund for any sums paid for the audit.

Note: Per Bloomberg request, our reports are not to be called Bloomberg Securitization Reports.  Note: By ordering any audit described above, you are also agreeing that you have read and understand our disclaimer.